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XAC A-CABLE-BOX Cable box for cables which unwind from the center - 2mm cable (model Robomow) order now
AC 001219 Mounting pipe for laying cables up to 3 mm (standard)   order now
AC 001242 Mounting pipe for laying cables up to 6 mm (knife AC 001224-15MM exclusive) order now
AC 001224 Blade Drop-in 6/8, width 12 mm (standard)   order now
AC 001309 Blade Drop-in 6/8 - width 10 mm (used for harder surface) order now
AC 001310 Knife Drop-in 6/8, width 15 mm (for laying cables up to 6mm) order now
XAC CABLE-COUNTER Kit cable counter order now
XAC DISTANCE-METER Digital distance wheel counter meter order now

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