DROP-IN 6 Honda GX160

The DROP-IN 6 is a professional cable-laying machine for putting down boundary cables for robotic lawnmowers.

  • Working speed of 15 to 30 m/min
  • Designed for putting down flexible cables up to 6 mm
  • Central depth-setting to a max. depth of 5 cm
  • Drop down and side adjustable handle
  • Professional quality
  • Warranty of 1 year
compare specific features DROP-IN 6 vs DROP-IN 8

DROP-IN 6 - Cable-laying machine with Honda GX160 engine

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The Autocable DROP-IN 6 is an extremely handy self-driving cable-laying machine with a powerfull Honda engine. It is suitable for flexible cables up to 2,5 or 6 mm. The machine has two wedge-shaped blades that cut a fine groove into the ground to a maximum depth of 5 cm with alternating up-and-down strokes. The boundary cable is placed and the groove rolled closed with minimal damage to the lawn.

With a working speed of 15 to 30 meters/min, a garden area of 300 m² can be completed in less than 5 minutes.